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Laughter Club Victoria (LCVi) Coronavirus Club Alerts

Let’s all adapt to the current COVID-19 challenges with safe practise for our Outdoor/Indoor on-site club session. When on-site sessions are not advisable, follow recommended Options. LCVi must read info to follow in the next text. Information available on LCVi Website, FB, Instagram.

Refrain from contact or very close proximity with all laughter exercises. Suggestions: go for Namaste greetings laugh, the Alooha laugh, WHO Encourages “Foot Shake” As Greeting Alternative, foot-to-foot greeting also known as the “Wuhan Shake” can be a great replacement for our handshake greetings laugh. “Shaka” hand loose gesture with your pinkie finger and thumb up with middle three finger folded into the palm is a good one. Let’s share other innovative ones you come up with through WhatsApp.

My new corona laugh invention: Pretend sneeze or cough into your arm followed by the appreciation laugh to say you have done the right thing hahahaha

By Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen N.D, President LCVi

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