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LCVi Monday Night Laughter
7 to 7:30 pm AEDT
every Monday night
Meeting ID: 834 3216 7727
Passcode: 787962

The President of Laughter Clubs Victoria Mahes is delightfully at your service - call 0431 166 002

To Join Our Happy Community Fun & Free


Attending a regular laughter club session is an opportunity to meet with like minded people.


Laughter yoga sessions are beneficial on a physical, mental and emotional level.


Laughter clubs are for the benefit of people of all ages and abilities wanting to have fun

and laugh in a group to gain the benefits of laughter.


While you can laugh on your own for no reason, laughing with a group at a laughter club

session is contagious and is an enjoyable social activity.


Laughter Clubs are FUN & FREE

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World Laughter Day 2021

Latest LCVi Event:
Spring Laughter Indulgence held on 20th October 2023 at U3A Deepdene, Victoria, Australia

Who we are

Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc (LCVi) is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation run by a volunteer committee of management.  It was founded in 2002 when laughter yoga teacher Phillipa Challis OAM and four like-minded laughter lovers formed an overarching body to develop and manage future clubs across Victoria.


Since then we have grown in leaps and bounds, with more than 40 plus clubs all over the State of Victoria and across Australia.  Our mission is to have a Laughter Club in every postcode in Australia.  Victoria is leading the way - being the happiest State in Australia with the most number of clubs !

Watch us on TV channel 7
(forward 14 minutes into the video)

Laughter News in The Age Newspaper Tuesday 12 October 2021

‘There for whoever needs it’: Taking the laughs online during the pandemic by Simone Fox Koob, the Age Journo who did an interview with Mahes. 

What do we do 

Participants come together for 30 minutes, usually on a weekly basis and under the guidance of a trained Laughter Yoga Leader.  


As a group, in our own special laughter club way, we introduce ourselves with a laugh.  This leads on to the laughter exercises fused with yogic breathing; this releases the feel good factor, creating a positive state of mind and boosting optimism.  The session takes on a wondrous tone with everyone having a great time feeling so good, so well and so alive.


Together we stretch and do some yogic breathing; share a variety of simulated laughing exercises; and break up each set of laughs with a clapping activity.

A variety of simulated exercises are shared and quickly turn into real laughter.  The laughs are broken up with rhythmic clapping, simulated laughter and joyful interaction -  the session bonds everyone together and brings to life the phrase 'laughter is the shortest distance between two people'.


Research and anecdotal evidence says 30 to 45 minutes of laughter in a group leaves your whole body buzzing for the rest of the day!

Participants come away feeling energised, enthused and eager to share more laughter with their family and friends.


Upcoming events 

Every week  rain hail or shine you will find a Laughter club in session - fun and free. Go to Club Location to find one near you.  Please click on Club Locations to find one near you.

World Laughter Day (WLD) 1st May 2022 will be (venue & time TBC.)  

MindBodySpirit Festival 2022, the largest wellbeing event in Australia, happens twice a year in Melbourne (TBC 2022).

Laughter Training Programs

Laughter Clubs Victoria  has been running training programs for many years. with world class trainers.  The next two-day laughter leader training is on 28th and 29th November 2021.

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour”


Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


"Voluntary Joy & Happiness is easily created with the outward expression of Laughter."  It has worked for me time and time again.

Mahes, President Laughter CLubs Vic Inc

Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc

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