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Meet the New Committee of 2022 - 2023

Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen N.D. trained with the founder of Laughter Yoga Global Movement, Dr Madan Kataria in 1999. She pioneered and introduced laughter clubs in Malaysia, spear-headed a Laughter Research Programme and subsequently the first Laughter Conference in South East Asia at the University of Malay in Malaysia in 2002.  She joined Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc in 2004 with the vision and drive to improve upon this NFP organisation.

Her focus is to develop LCVi with the experience and integrity she brings from her professional background. She is also a Global Laughter Ambassador.  ​She is passionate about training new community laughter club leaders.

Nella Buscema


Phillipa Challis OAM lives in Geelong and has for over 16 years travelled around Australia and overseas spreading the happidemic of laughter, a gelotologist and a certified Laughter Teacher. Founder and inaugural President of Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc (Est. 2003), she was appointed as an International Laughter Yoga Ambassador in 2006 by the founder of the worldwide laughter movement.

As a professional speaker for more than 30 years Phillipa knows the multiple benefits of laughter from having enjoyed them herself and creating a happier, healthier more positive lifestyle.

Phillipa's role on the LCVi Committee is that of being Treasurer and Advisor because of her considerable experience and wisdom in the area of laughter.


Rosa (Rose) Morabito

Committee Members

Julie Klein​

Kym Goodman

Vivian Phuah

Irene Tai

Kim Ng

June Cheung

Patrick Cheung

Heartfelt gratitude to members of immediate past committee of 2021-2022:

President: Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen

Vice-President: Gagan Watika

Secretary: Ursula Tursky

Treasurer: Phillipa Challis

Committee Members:

Julie Klein
Nella Buscema

Rose Morabito

Meet the Team: TeamMember
Mission Statement -
To promote and support community laughter clubs in Victoria.

Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc Committee

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