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Our speakers:

Are you looking for a speaker for your workplace or community group?

Laughter Clubs Victoria Incorporated (LCVi) offers a service of helping organisations locate and book an experienced and trained laughter leader/speaker to run laughter presentations and sessions.

LCVi is committed to maintaining high standards in both presentations and the engagement/booking process. We also are committed to the ongoing professional development of the presenters and procedures of our Speakers.

If you decide to make a booking request and we hope you do, LCVi will need to know as accurately as possible, the proposed time and date of your proposed session; how many people will be attending; and what kind of organisation you are – "what do you do?".

Engaging an LCVi speaker will be done at a mutually agreed cost, that relates to the size and purpose of your group. Note that any unplanned variations from this information may result in changes to the final total cost for your event.

To secure your booking through LCVi you will need to pay 50%of the total fee ASAP when you decide to use our services. When LCVi receives that payment, you will be put in contact with your presenter to continue arrangements directly with each other until the event is completed. The balance of the total fee will be due for payment upon completion of the session.

Our cancellation policy allows for refund of your 50%booking fee, less 10%, up until 14 days (2 weeks) before the planned event. Cancellation within that 2 week period will mean you forfeit the deposit paid. Our bank details are on our invoicing forms and all financial transactions with LCVi are expected to be carried out on-line.

When you make a booking through LCVi, at the time you are sent your invoice it will be accompanied by an Evaluation form for any event we are engaged in.

Accordingly, we hope your business with us is more than satisfactory. To this end we are also committed to obtaining and passing on feedback to our presenters. As part of your booking we would appreciate your completion and return of the Evaluation Form within 48 hours of the engagement.

Our Speakers 

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