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If you have not started “Feeling Rejuvenated”, time to “Spring” into it “NOW”

Wednesday Blog

The sun comes a visiting a bit now, always received with open arms and heart, clearing away the winter shadows. Our days are becoming longer and temperatures are starting to rise as the weather gets milder and warmer in our zone as mother Earth tilts relative to its orbital plane around father Sun. Plants go "hurrah" and flowers burst into glorious blooming laughter, a kaleidoscopic of colours emerging energetically, cheerfully from the Earth making our world a beautiful place, natures gift for you and me.

There’s no season like Spring to celebrate all things life with September and October being peak months for self-rejuvenation. So there’s no excuse not to get started now with inspiration from Nature everywhere.

One of my inspirations comes from lilies, Asiatic, oriental, peace, tiger, belladonna, calla, lily of the valley, goddess lily, my favourite flowers of spring. I use them a lot in my visualisation activities to keep fresh, rejuvenated and beautiful from inside out.

Now is our perfect opportunity to awaken our body, shift into newness and embrace a fresh start. Here are some of the things I do with healthy exercises and fresh foods that make me feel light, motivated, happy and fully awake and alert as I embrace springtime in all its magnificence. I laugh a lot in all ways possible, and it is not hard in Spring especially when the sun is out compelling irresistible smiles and laughter naturally.

Awaken Your Body with walks in nature, different forms of exercises, yoga is my thing. Try this: "standing spinal twist" where you turn around to the right touching your right hip with your left hand, right hand going round the back, wrapping around your waist and look over your shoulder to feel the twist from your neck right down to your tail, hold for ten counts of breath and repeat on the other side to spring your nervous system into action; revitalising, rejuvenating, reinforcing, refreshing.

Or, sit down in a park, at home, anywhere you hear birds and smell the scent of Spring on a mat/grass, any even surface: sitting up straight, bring your knees up, reach out with your hands to hug your knees to your heart, sitting bones resting on the ground and quietly hear your heart singing the spring song filling your being with laughter, joy and happiness.

Or just sit down in as easy cross-legged position, close your eyes and focus on your breath sinking into total happy relaxation of the mind, body, spirit and soul of spring.

To further add spring to your step, awaken your body from inside out, accompany your exercises with fresh foods of the season. Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fibre, providing a wide range of health-boosting antioxidants, including flavonoids. Springtime greens, rich in Vitamin A, K and folates and more that help reduces inflammation while supporting detoxifying the body.

Enjoy cooking up spring feast every day, and why not with freshness ripe for the picking.

Feel your best this spring fueling your body and mind naturally, opening to new possibilities and experiences as you allow Spring to flow through you.

To your Health & Happiness, Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen N.D.

Health & Lifestyle Consultant

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