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Wednesday Blog: Laughing with Laughing Buddha

“Be optimistic. It feels better” The Dalai Lama.

Do we need a reason to laugh, no, we can laugh for no reason at all calling on our laughing Buddha from within. If you need a reason at all, it should be to lift your spirits and to make you feel better. Laughter is free, fun, laughing is liberation, and laughter is ecstatic, joy and happiness coming to visit together.

Most often the first thing we need to do is to give ourselves permission to laugh, the second is to give ourselves additional permission to express that enjoyment and feel the joy and happiness that tags along, acknowledging and expressing with LOL + L’s.

In mythological terms, Graf von Durkheim talked about how “when you’re on a journey heading to a point on the horizon and the longer you travel, the further away that point becomes, you realize that the purpose of the journey is the journey itself”. Because laughing increases the enjoyment of the journey, you want to go that extra mile.

You don’t need to wait for something funny to laugh. Laugh often and laugh out loud anytime, anywhere with your Buddha.

Living with laughter makes “life more enjoyable, and as our own life becomes more enjoyable, that quality ripples out to others” William James.

With Love, Laughter Light & Delight, Mahes Karuppiah-Quillen

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